Saturday, August 2, 2008

NTV hikes salaries

NTV has hiked salaries of its employees and it reflected in the salary of July paid on 1st of August. Though the Heads of various wings are happy with their own hike and their favourites also getting good amounts, some of the staff are left out despite their abilities and are said to be disappointed. most of them feel that the salaries are on the expected lines but not as they desired. Now it is the turn of TV5 and its staff are waiting for the hike which is likely to be reflected in this week's  salary account.

Vanita on 8th August

Vanita TV , Women's channel of NTV is going to be launched on 8th August, coinciding with the Women's Day. Though, the earlier proposal was to launch on 30th, the first anniversary of NTV and Bhakti, the management has changed its mind and felt that this occasion is more apt for a women's channel.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Market share of channels

Since some of the friends are asking for the market shares of various channels, we have decided to present here from next week onwards. Even on earlier occasions, we tried to furnish the data of news channels as and when we got it. However, we thought that only journalists are reading this blog and that they are interested in News Channels only. As requested by some of the readers, it has been decided to get the details of entertainment channels also hereafter. We have contacted our sources and two of them have agreed to part with the data. Usually it is possible for us to get the TAM data by Thursday evening. At any cost, we'll see that it is posted on this blog atleast on Friday.

English and Urdu Bulletins

News channels are trying to be different from other competitors. Sakshi TV wants to air a couple of English Bulletins and hired English journalists too.TTV is one step ahead and it wants to introduce both English and Urdu bulletins. Definitely these moves are going to be innovative and aimed at attracting a section of the audience.
However, TV9 is going to launch an English channel from Bangalore soon while TV5 has been announcing its decision to start an English channel. TV9 wishes to make it a national channel but TV5 wants to project the news from the southern states. But giving limited bulletins in English and Urdu concentrating on the happenings in AP is an experiment.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Narne Group channels get license

Narne Group got licenses for its proposed two channels. One of them will be  Entertainment Channel and the other , a 24 hour News Channel. The News Channel is likely in December and the Entertainment Channel may take a couple of months after the launch of the News Channel. The names of the channels are yet to be known.

Mr. Sivaram Prasad, once the Managing Director of TV5 is again the Managing Director for  Narne's News Channel according to sources close to him in TV5. Advertisement calling for applications is likely to appear by 1st August.

ETV2 continuously losing

The latest TAM data shows that ETV2 is continuously losing while NTV and TV5 are closely competing with each other.

TV9 recorded 3.7 market share while ETV2 got 1.94. NTV could maintain at 1.31 while its counterpart TV5 secured 1.27 percent. Gemini News is at its usual 0.28 percent.

In Hyderabad city alone TV5 recorded 1.86 percent of viewership while NTV could get only 1.39 percent.This is contributing greately for TV5s competition with NTV. People at NTV are unable to digest this phenomenon.