Monday, December 15, 2008

Matrix Prasad in NTV

Jagan started taking over media organisations through his men and NTV is the latest casualty.  Earlier Mr. shyam Prasada Reddy became Chairman of Local TV and now Mr. Nimmagadda Prasad, popularly known as Matrix Prasad has invested in NTV. Since the chances of getting license for his Sakshi seems bleak, Jagan wants to have hold in other channels so that he would help his father to win for a second term. Mr. Matrix Prasad and Mr. Shyam Prasad Reddy are Jagan's partners in Indu Projects. The talks with TV5 are inconclusive. With Mr. Chowdary foregoing part of his share to Matrix Prasad, there are tremors in the channel. The 'B' trio may be sent out and there are enough signals according to insiders.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

CEO Geetha resings from Sakshi

In a surprise development, Ms. Geetha , CEO, Sakshi HDTV resigned on Saturday. It ois interesting to note that she left the organisation just before a month ahead of its purported launch. When the promoters named it as Indira TV way back in 2006 and wanted to bring it out as a General Entertainment Channel with a considerable number of news bulletins apart from entertainment content, she was choosen for the post. When there was inordinate delay in the project, other Heads like Satish Babu and Srinivasa Reddy went back but Ms. Geetha stayed put on the advice of the Chairman Mr. Jagan. She acted as a bridge between the Chairman and the Sakshi newspaper staff until the launch of the Newspaper. She enjoyed reasonable power in Sakshi TV in the early stages but later differences brewed up with Mr. Vijay Sai Reddy and they  are it their peak and finally she had to bid goodbye. Known as a creative person in the film and tv circles, she was one of the pillars of Gemini and Teja channels. Sources close to her say that she may might take up an assignment in films.