Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attack on Kareem

Mr. Kareem of TV5 has been brutally attacked by his presentent wife Sireesha alias Noor's father and brother. It is said that he is out of danger but the doctors are not sure whether he could retain his eyesight. Mediapeople, mostly from the electronic media rushed to the hospital immediately on knowing this.
However, there were no breaking news, phones-in, updates, backgrounders is the usual practice of the channels. All the channels kept quiet and this is an interesting trend. Can anybody guess the reasons behind this silence ?

Sribala in NTV, Danny with Vanita

There are two important joinings in Rachana Television .
 Ms. Sribala joined NTV as the Programming Chief to take care of the News based programmes in the channel. She was earlier with Sakshi daily and was in the features department but later shifted to general news. She will be taking care of the creative and script writing side of the programming in NTV.
Another development is that Mr. Danny who has recently quit HMTV has joined Vanita TV. He will be incharge of the news bulletins in the channel. The exact designation is yet to be known.