Friday, September 26, 2008

ETV drops to 5th place

Eenadu Television was number one in the first two years but Gemini scaled up after SUN network's acquisition. The pity is, it is now in the 5th place in Andhra pradesh. Last weeks share of Gross Rating Points revealed the trend. Gemini and its Movie channel  Teja continued to maintain 1st and 2nd positions with 25% and 14% share closely followed by Maa TV ( 3rd ) and Zee telugu ( 4th ) . Then comes ETV in its 5th place. This falling trend is continuing despite having its reach and penetration throughout the state. Among the Music channels, Maa is better than Gemini Music as is evedent from the ratings.
While coming to News Channels, TV 9 continues to be number one and the number 2 ETV2 is only 60 percent of  TV9's share. NTV and TV5 are still fighting for the 3rd position and are almost equal. No need to talk about Gemini News since it always try to retain its last position.
This can be seen from the table given hereunder. Name of the channel, Gross rating points and their share are given in order.
Gemini   - 683 - 25%
Teja   - 377 - 14%
Maa TV  - 357 - 13%
ZEE Telugu  - 337  - 13%
ETV   - 310   - 12%

Gemini Music - 44 - 2%
Maa Music - 65 - 2%

TV9  - 189 - 7%
ETV2  - 103 - 4%
NTV  - 84 - 3%
TV5 - 84 - 3%
Gemini News - 15 - 1%

Monday, September 22, 2008

Siva Prasad Resigns

NTV's Output Editor Mr. Siva Prasad resigned today. He will be heading the proposed news channel of Andhra Jyothi. He has scaled to such a high position within a short span of about 8 years in Television and recorded fastest growth rate among his batchmates in journalism.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Local TV appoints News Chief

Local TV promoted by film producer Aswini Dutt has appointed Mr. Bhavannarayana as its news chief.  It is a cable TV concept extending its tentacles to all the districts with dedicated optic fiber lines and thus will have 23 channels. The project is ambitious considering its vast scope for development. Initially there may be hesitation from the media since it is a cable channel. However, the huge investment being pumped into this project may attract people slowly and the local concept " Your town and Your news " may catch the people in due course.