Saturday, August 16, 2008

Radhakrishna in a dilemma

Andhra Jyothi MD Mr. Radha Krishna is in deep trouble now. He has entered into an agreement with CNN IBN for launching a Telugu channel but had to pay more than 50 percent for his 50 percent share. Apart from losing money, there are numerous problems with his own staff. Some of them are willing to move to the channel with a view to get more salary while he wanted some of them to stay put with the newspaper. The unhappiness among the staff grew when an ex employee of the newspaper ( now in a leading channel ) was invited with a salary more than 1 lakh. Though there is no indication of acceptance of the offer, the print seniors are worried about working under him and the thought itself caused resentment among the staff. Now Mr. RK is unable to solve the problem of recruitments. On the otherhand, Mr. Sekhar Reddy and Mr. Ramarao at NEW TV haveprepared a list of probable staff to be poached from Andhra Jyothi and are said to be waiting for the final nod of their boss Mr. IVR

IVR's channel is NEW TV

The channel being floated by Mr. I.Venkata Rao is named as NEW TV as per the latest information. It is already known that Mr. Sekhar Reddy and Rama Rao of Andhra Jyothi have joined this channel. Though some are of the opinion that Mr. Vinay has left NTV and joined this new channel as its Chief Producer, sources in the channel are not confirming the news. The office of the channel is located somewhere in Jubilee Hills. The latest information is that Mr. Jayaprasad of CTV is going to join this team. He was earlier with Andhra Jyothi when I.Venkata Rao was its Editor. Later he worked for Andhra Pradesh magazine during Chandrababu's regime and immediately after elections, took shelter in CTV. Though Mr. Chowdary is not willing to releave him at this juncture,  it is learnt that he has convinced him.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ttv to change its name

       ttv has once again decided to change its name.The Hyderabad Mediahouse got permission for its channel in the name of "ttv '' . But later, the visiting cards of the staff indicated the name as T CHANNEL. However, after a few more months, the name got changed as Channel T. Again some of the key members of the channel felt that ttv is a better choice. But, the attribution of TELANGANA to the letter ' t ' started haunting them despite their efforts to tell every Tom Dick and Harry that t stands for Truth and Trust. 
       At the end of a marathon  Medhomadhanam, the Heads have come to a conclusion that a new name is selected immediately. Peoples TV and Praja TV were suggested by some of them. It is learnt that most of them preferred the new name to be  HMTV. Dont interpret as " His Master's TV " or " Head Master's TV . HM stands for Hyderabad Mediahouse. The channel Heads will now take up the logo finalisation and the mikes will start appearing in the field in a week.
      It is interesting to note that one channel with a name close to it ' HYTV ' is getting ready in Hyderabad itself. Promoted by NETV group, the channel's office is located in Road No.11 somewhere between Local TV office and iNews office.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I.S. in Zee Telugu 24 Gantalu

     Zee Telugu 24 gantalu is treading a steady and careful path in recruitments. It seems Mr. Sailesh reddy is very much selective. As we have already mentioned in one of our earlier posts, Mr. Bharat Reddy of TV9 has joined Zee Telugu. And now,  news is that Mr. I.Satyanarayana, Input Editor in TV5 is going to join Zee Telugu as its Output Editor. He was earlier with Eenadu, ETV, Vissa, Andhra Jyothi and  NTV. Within a couple of months after joining NTV, he had to come out to take up the same post in TV5. But later, there were some internal changes and he was given the Input responsibilities, entirely new to him. Obviously he is not happy and has decided to quit. Mr. Sailesh knows the working style of Mr. I.S. when both were working for ETV. 
     Some more people are joining Zee. Mr. Rammohan from NTV has resigned to join Zee Telugu. But his designation and salary are yet to be known. Two more from NTV desk, who were earlier with Zee have also decided to go back to Zee. The recruitment is likely complete by this month end.

IVR in Madhucon's channel

           Andhra Jyothi Journalism College Principal Mr. Katta Sekhar Reddy resigned and joined his ex boss Mr. Inaganti Venkata Rao. It is learnt that Mr. Venkata Rao has convinced Mr.Radha Krishna not to start a news channel and asked Mr. Sekhar reddy to join him. With the 'permission'of Mr.Radhakrishna only this has happened. However, news is that RK came to know about the consultationa and he himself asked Sekhar Reddy to take an immediate decision.
           Mr. Sekhar Reddy is known for his organisational skills, though some of his close associates compare his skills to a ' Muthaa Maestri'. He will search, investigate their background and get people for IVR. He can also bargain for a lower salary and can give false promises on behalf of the management. The Guru and Sishya must have drawn their inspiration from Mr. Ramachandra Murthy who has quit Andhra Jyothi to launch TTV.

          With Mr. Nama Nageswara Rao, an industrialist from Khammam District and an unsuccessful contestant from Khammam Lok Sabha Constituency (TDP) during the last elections coming forward to launch a channel for Telugu Desam, Mr. I.Venkata Rao has been a natural choice for him. Interestingly, Mr. Radha Krishna  of Andhra Jyothi also hails from the same district and is a known friend of Mr. Nama Nageswara Rao. Popularly known as ' Madhucon '  Nageswara Rao, Mr. Nama has Power Projects and even contracts of some Irrigation projects in Mahaboobnagar district even during this Congress government. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Chowdary of NTV and Mr. Ramachandra Murthy of TTV are also from Khammam district.


P.s : The earlier version " Sekhar Reddy joins IVR " linking IVR to Narne Group is incorrect. The source immediately corrected the version and hence the revised news is given within an hour. However the Telugu TV News apologises for the wrong info.

Exodus from Andhra Jyothi

    Its again the time for poaching. The competition is between Mr. Ramachandra Murthy and Mr. I.Venkat Rao. Interstingly, both are targeting Andhra Jyothi staff. Mr. Radha Krishna is said to be very much unhappy with the developments.
   Mr. Sekhar Reddy has already left Andhra Jyothi while a senior reporter Mr. Ramarao from guntur has also decided to join Mr. I.Venkata Rao. He has worked in gemini TV for a short period during the period of closure of Andhra jyothi. He commands respect and has a vast experience in journalism, and very good contacts, particularaly in Guntur district.
   Mr. Umamaheswar Rao, incharge of Rayalaseema area editions of Andhra Jyothi daily has joined TTV. Earlier he was incharge of Sunday Andhra Jyothi and his writing skills may go waste if he is confined to Tirupati. It is not known whether he will be stationed at Tirupati or Hyderabad.  He is a good writer and a knowledgeable person.
   It is learnt that some more Andhra Jyothi journalists are trying to shift to the television medium. This is very much annoying Mr. Radha krishna and he is said to be  thinking of an alternative to this exodus.