Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gemini staff asked to resign

The inevitable has happened. All these days, the Geminimanagement has been telling its employees that the staff will not lose their jobs. Now that the channel has been leased out to an agency, all the Gemini News staff have been asked to tender their resignation. The only assurance being given is that they will be given appointment orders on behalf of the new agency. The staff who have been working with the Sun Network enjoying benefits like Bonus despite meagre salaries are now worried about the latest development. Some of the staff have already searched for new jobs and left the organisation but those who didnt find a suitable job are still continuing. It has to be seen whether the new agency retains all of them or jettison some of them.


Anonymous said...

No articles/blogposts for the last 6 days. Moderators, wake up.

Anonymous said...

enti TV Channels TRP ratings pettateledu?kompatisi..ETV gani number one position loki vachchindaa?