Wednesday, August 6, 2008

IVR too in the channel race ?

Mr. Inaganti Venkata Rao, known to many as I Venkatrao, is also said to be busy in planning a news channel. The promoters are NRIs as per the information available.His recent visit to the United States of America is also being refeered to establish this news. Some of the NRIs close to TDP have met him and urged him to start a newspaper to support Chandra Babu Naidu as per the sources. However, Mr. Venkat Rao convinced them that a channel would be cheaper, viable and also easier.The promoters convinced and gave him a go ahead signal.
Mr. Venkata Rao hails from Krishna District and he started his journalistic career as a proof reader in Andhra Patrika. Later he joined Andhra Jyothi in the reporting department and later became Bureau Chief and was Editor at the time of its closure. He was instrumental in getting some advertisements to see that the paper survive for some more time. However, the paper was closed down and he became the Chairman of Press Academy. Even after the end of his tenure, he was in the post for almost an extra year since no one was appointed. Later he started writing a column in Andhra Jyothi and appearing on the news channels to give his expert opinion on the latest political developments.
Mr. IVRs passion for Telugu Desam is never a secret. He wrote books on both NTR and Chandrababu Naidu. Interstingly, the names of the books are ... OKKADU and OKE OKKADU. The promoters have well thought of the requirement and confirmed IVRs appointment. However, the complete plan of action is yet to be finalised.